Blood Makes the Grass Grow

Ranked #1 Best Seller in just 24 hours after being released.  This is the true story of a Norwegian volunteer who traveled to his family’s homeland to fight the worlds largest terror organization.

About Peshmerganor

A Norwegian soldier at Camp Rena, shocked by Norway’s unwillingness to commit troops to eradicate the terrorists, decided to take matters into his own hands and travel to the Kurdish front line in Iraq.

 Peshmerganor’s Kurdish heritage, liberal Norwegian upbringing and military training shaped his worldview and drew him into the fight against militant Islamism. Armed only with gear he purchased himself and the name of a Kurdish contact, He journeyed into a military culture completely foreign to Westerners; where soldiers work without pay, adequate food and even ammunition. Mike Peshmerganor is a pseudonym. He escaped from Kurdistan as an infant with his family, grew up in Eastern Norway and served in Norway’s elite Telemark Battalion.